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The Story of Really Recovered

“So, here's the thing, I am Really Recovered from this terrible addiction that spread out over almost three decades of my life and consisted of constant alcohol abuse, and drug use that included marijuana, LSD, meth, cocaine, crack, painkillers, and heroin just to name a few. Being Really Recovered isn’t about being sober, it’s about having a brand new life. My old life is completely dead, it doesn’t even exist anymore. I spent my life constantly locked up in jail and I tried 17 treatment centers, and nothing seemed to work until late one night in my living room with a bottle of drink and a pocket full of dope surrounded by demons I yelled out to GOD and said, “If you’re real come back and show me what to do!” JESUS answered and said, “I Never Left”!!! I surrendered my life to JESUS and followed HIM and HE gave me a completely new life with a whole new identity and completely clear record. Shortly after JESUS woke me up in the middle of the night again with two words, “Really Recovered”.

                                               Ken Hawkins (The Way Book, Page 6)

   MEET SOME OF OUR LEADERS:  1 Corinthians 1:26-29


I started doing drugs at a early age and things just got worse from there. Constantly in out of jail and treatment centers. I was a heroin addict for close to a decade and was always using crack and meth also. I really believed there was no hope for me and that I was going to die of some kind of drug overdose. Until finally I encountered Jesus at Really Recovered and He gave me New Life. Nothing has ever been the same since that day my life is completely different I'm married to Becca Lego and she is one of the women's leaders here in Akron and I am now the Campus pastor here in Akron. Jesus has given me a purpose to make disciples and bring glory to His name. 


I grew up privileged and had a rough childhood. I started drugs young with weed and moved into meth later. I began seeking after women, money, porn and drugs to fill the void. LSD and Meth which sent me into deeper chaos. Then I found  Really Recovered through my girlfriend. I came here and actually experienced Jesus for the first time and now I am truly free. 


I was stuck in a life of depression and misery. Which lead to drug use. I couldn't function unless I was high on meth. I also smoked weed and would do other stuff here and there. Anything to not be myself. I hated being in my own skin. I felt bad for myself all the time. I dropped my kids off at a park and I wanted to die. I was just down right miserable. After that, I eventually became homeless which led to really recovered and an encounter with Jesus and have not been the same since. Jesus has given me a whole new life.


I grew up from what on the outside would seem like an average happy American home, Nice house, nice yard, Bills seem to be paid and went to church on most Sundays. On the inside though was ravaged with mental illness between me and my mother. Anxiety, depression and Mania ruled my life from a young age. For over a decade I spent a lot of time in-and-out of psychiatric hospitals, rehabs and detoxes.  I had a massive drug and porn addiction, both of which started in my young teen years. In life  Everything always seemed completely hopeless and I felt like I was the victim. The real problem was I was playing God of my own life.  I lived in a broken world and I myself was broken.  I finally came to the end of myself then Jesus snatched me from the flames and gave me life and purpose.
The things that once ruled my life no longer have Power over me, I am no longer a slave to the brokenness that I once lived in. I'm free. All too the glory for my lord Jesus Christ 


I was doing drugs, robbing people, hurting people, cheating on my wife. I didn't want to do it anymore but I didn't know how to stop or make up for the things that I did. There was nothing I could do to repay it all but Jesus showed me a way out. He paid the debt I never could!! He gave me a new life!!


I spent the better part of my teenage and adult life addicted to herion and meth. I was miserable and empty inside. I was constantly looking for something to make me feel better but nothing ever worked. I ended up losing everything from my house to my kids. I was in and out of jail constantly. My husband and I couldn’t stand each other anymore. I was homeless, broken, beaten and ready to die. But Jesus met me right where I was and changed everything. He gave me a brand new life. He restored my marriage and he gave me a purpose. I’m now the house manager of the Wooster women’s SMH and my husband Stephen Losh is the discipleship leader at the Wooster men’s SMH. Jesus is now Lord of my life. I’m not who I used to be.


I had lost everything and everyone I loved and I was crushed under the weight of my guilt and shame!! I thought I had no one left to turn to and no one left that cared. I felt that the only way out was death. But from a place of complete brokenness I cried out in desperate need of a savior and then Christ came changing everything!!!


So when I came to Really Recovered I knew of a man named JESUS but never knew what it looked like to follow JESUS. I came to the SMH on Thursday. The GOSPEL was shared with me on a Friday and once I heard JESUS speak to me I gave my life to HIM. That night at our family night I had my first encounter with JESUS and as Moses speaks in Exodus 3 with his first encounter with JESUS I said this is amazing. JESUS worked through my brothers and sisters that night, reflecting the image of CHRIST. Ever since my first encounter with JESUS I have become more desperate to know HIM and to share the GOSPEL with others in the community and surrounding cities.


When I think of all the things Jesus rescued me from...A life of addiction, anger and depression, I'm reminded that he is the only solution. He saved me from myself! He saved me from death! Because of this salvation, I now walk in freedom from the life of sin I was a prisoner to for over 40 yrs! I love you Jesus. But only because you first loved me!

Growing up in a broken home there were many years of every kind of abuse due to neglect and addiction to alcohol and drug abuse. I decided that when my oldest brother died when I was 16 I was going to take control of my own life and I moved out of my mom's house. I spent 16 years of my life living on the streets, in the streets and bouncing around all over northeast ohio trying to run from my problems. During that time I became enslaved to many  addictions, alcohol, drugs, and same sex relationships, and when things would start getting bad I would move on to the next place and everything would be different. The problem was never the place, the problem was me. I eventually ended up back in Wooster, Ohio where it all started. Homeless and stuck in addiction empty and all alone. It wasn't until I truly embraced who I was apart from Christ surrendered my pride and humbly accepted that I no longer wanted to play God of my life did I get to experience "not feel but experience" true freedom and peace. 

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