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RR Leadership Team

Billy McCune

I started doing drugs when I was young, heroin, meth, crack...basically whatever. Finally, I "white knuckled" sobriety for 10 months. I was sober but I was miserable and empty inside. In October of 2016 I made a total surrender to Jesus and was set free. I know Jesus wants to use me to help reach other lost and broken addicts. "White Knuckle no more son!"

Chris Peto


I started using drugs at 12 years old by the time I was 16 I started using heroin. I grew up in the church but never wanted to listen or have anything to do with Jesus. After many years of being on psych medications, over doses, in and out of psych words and detoxes, I am now 23 years old  I take no type of medication, my life has no void and a purpose. I have fully surrendered my life to Christ and he has given me a whole new life. I am not who I used to be. 

Becca Lego

I grew up in and out of church but never really knowing who Jesus was so I tried to fill myself with men , drugs and sinful things. I was following satan. Then in 2017 I met really recovered and did a heartfelt surrender to Jesus. I was shown what it really looked like to follow Jesus and I fail at times but Jesus never fails he’s always there to guide me. I’m a leader in really recovered now and I’m excited to be building the kingdom of Jesus Christ!

Karah Peto


Through the years I was mentally, emotionally and physically abused. Both of my parents got locked up for drug charges and never were really parents to me.  I struggled with depression, anxiety and a eating disorder for years. Then I met Jesus through Really Recovered. Jesus has given me parents and a new family. After fully giving up my lofe and surrendering I don't have depression, anxiety, or a eating disorder.  Jesus is moving and i'm so excited to be in the middle. I am happily married and just want to do His Will !!!

Megan Hawkins 

Women's ministry leader

I suffered alcohol and drug addiction for 16 years. During that time I met and married Ken. I got sober and surrendered my life to Jesus in the spring of 2015. Life didn't instantly become perfect. I was faced with serious family issues. But I knew that Jesus had made me a new person. He has restored my life, and because of Him, I can be a good mom, a good wife, and a help to others. 

Todd Sovine

I have served in the C&MA for 28 years, 16 in local church context and 12 years as the director for strategic advancement in the Central district.  In this role I’ve had the incredible privilege of partnering with a vast diversity of church planting efforts, (urban, suburban, rural, Appalachian, ethic, house churches, etc.).   I’ve also had the thrill of studying church planting strategies and movements on four continents, partnering on the National Church Planting Team for the C&MA, starting the Mid-West Church Planting Center and working with multiple denominations in church planting training.  I’m grateful to be part of the Really Recovered leadership team and will be hitting the gym and getting my first tattoo shortly.  

Ken Hawkins


I battled drug addiction and alcoholism, among other things, for 26 years constantly ending up in jails and institutions until I met Jesus, and my life was completely transformed. I have a calling on my life to share the gospel and my story to help others find their identity in Christ and ultimately see that just like I found out, Jesus is the answer.