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Ok so at the beginning of this year as I was in a rundown mud room that I had converted into a workout room in an old farmhouse in doylestown, I was gasping for air as I sprinted on a treadmill, and I was praying!!!  My prayer was simple, Jesus, you have my whole life, I'll do whatever you want me to do!!! And at that moment god reminded me of several promises he had already made known to me, and at that moment he gave me a couple more.  See we had lost custody of Megan's daughter Athena the previous march and then my son jack, after a short battle our parenting was restored with jack a few months later but due to the document and the wording of the agreement we signed for Athena, her case wasn't going to be that simple. We weren't even going to be in a position to attempt to restore our overnight visitation with Athena till September of 2017, that's a year from now. But that day in January on that treadmill God let me know, be obedient and I'll restore your family. I'm covered in goosebumps and there is tears in my eyes as I type this.  Well we tried to come to an agreement with athenas dad, and every time we thought it was going to happen he would back out. Finally Megan and I made the decision to just trust in God and rest in the promise he had made. We stopped any negotiations and the statement was made to me "if you don't take what I'm willing to give, the best you can even hope for is attempting to get time back in 1 1/2 years"

My response

"I serve a God who rules both heaven and earth, and I'm going to trust god to move a mountain and restore our family"

I was mocked, and made fun of for this statement

Well let me just tell you this, me and jack and Abel and dylila are sitting in the house right now waiting for Megan to walk through the door for her first weekend overnight, and at least a year before it was said to be possible. God didn't just move a mountain, he smashed several, the biggest one being an early termination of felony probation, which let me be the first to tell you, with my record this is comparable to water being changed to wine, and that's also a pretty good analogy of the transformation Jesus has done with me and my family and every aspect of my life!!!

By the way there is one more promise coming with this situation with Athena, and I can't wait to blog about that one someday!!!